Tmuffin is more than a place for kids to come play. We’re a community where parents to come get parenting resources, meet friends, and get creative ideas to take home with them. Stay with your child and play at our play cafe, grab a healthy snack or lunch, get creative in our art room, or join in on a class for yourself or your child. Tmuffin is that place where you can come and play while being a part of a community of parents. At Tmuffin, there’s always someone who will watch your kid while you go to the bathroom. We understand that sometimes you want to connect with your kid and sometimes you just want some grown-up conversation.Whether your child is eating a healthy snacks from our snack bar, taking a class, or playing in our playspace, you know he or she is entertained (and contained). And–dare we say best of all?–you’re having a great time too.Come check out one of our unique resources for parents and kids.


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Connection begins during pregnancy and birth. Learn more with our classes, resources, and by reading articles on our blog. Meet other parents and build a support network!




Connect with your growing baby and do something for yourself, too. Come to a babywearing group and meet other babywearing moms, or shop for a wrap or sling.




Tmuffin gives parents and kids tools to connect creatively. We make getting artsy a little easier through creative playdates and art and activity classes and products.



Build a relationship with your child. We offer newborn care and breastfeeding classes as well as products that make life with a newborn a little easier (and a little cuter)


"Tmuffin is the place to connect with your kids, from birth to beyond."

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