5 Words to Guarantee Patience in your Child

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I am the first to admit I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to parenting.

But this morning, after Baby T had come into the bedroom 1,367,268,901 times between 6 and 6:30 while I was trying to get that last 5 minutes of sleep, I decided not to bark at him. I don’t know what got into me. Instead, I said, “Thank you for being so patient and waiting for me to come out to turn on the TV.”

Now, the fact is, he wasn’t really being patient. He was coming in every second and asking me for something I told him I’d take care of as soon as I got out of bed at 6:30 (that’s kind of the rule… mommy gets her beauty sleep till 6:30).

So I wondered: was I reinforcing unwanted behavior with positive attention? Whatever. It was early. I didn’t really worry about it.

This afternoon, we went to the chiropractor at Family Tree Chiropractic. {Shout out: Family Tree Chiropractic is awesome. Dr. Sam adjusted Little M while Baby T lied on Little M’s back and adjusted me while the kids jumped on me. Amazing. Anyone else might tell me to get my unruly kids out of the room.} But actually, the kids were awesome too. They were more patient than usual and they both let Dr. Sam adjust them (which never happens).

So in the car after the appointment, I told the kids that I was pleased the appointment had gone well. Suddenly, Baby T dropped a toy he was playing with. I couldn’t get it because I was driving, so I preempted a tantrum by again saying, “Thank you so much for being patient and waiting until we stop for me to get your toy.” Again, the little voice came in wondering if that was the right thing to say. After all,I hadn’t even given him a chance to be patient. I had just said it right off the bat.

Then, Baby T interrupted my thoughts: “Mom, I’m SO patient. I can be patient and just wait for us to get there before I get the toy back.”

Baby T was proud of himself. And I was pretty proud of myself.

“Thank you for being patient.”

Is this going to change my life? Maybe. Maybe not. But since I’m on a roll lately with not using the monster voice and trying to have a little more patience myself, maybe, just maybe, I’ll remember this. To thank my kids for the little people they are even when they are having a hard time. Because they are sweet, good, patient, loving, caring, smart little people. They always are, even when they are not showing it. And when I remind them that I know that, I’m pretty sure they’re happier, more confident, and–(and this doesn’t hurt)–better behaved little people.

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