Parenthood Classes

Parenthood services

At Tmuffin, we offer two breastfeeding classes in Wilmington:

Breastfeeding: Basics and Beyond

Baby is coming soon, and you know you want to breastfeed, but the thought is overwhelming. How do you know what to do? Where do you start? How does it work? Do you need to take a class?While you’re still pregnant, one of the best ways to learn about breastfeeding is to take a class that provides hands-on practice. Tmuffin’s breastfeeding class in Wilmington, NC, provides complete preparation for breastfeeding (as close to the real thing as possible). In fact, our goal is to prevent a call to a lactation consultant after your baby is born.In our breastfeeding class, you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of breastfeeding.
  • How to hold and latch your baby on.
  • The supply and demand of your milk supply.
  • How to encourage a positive breastfeeding relationship even before baby is born.
  • About a breastfed baby’s poop and sleep.
  • How to do it all: breastfeed, manage your family, and get some sleep.
  • How to get support if you do experience a breastfeeding challenge.
  • Where to go to have your breastfeeding questions answered after your baby is born.

Register below for the Breastfeeding: Basics and Beyond class.

October 5, 1-3PM

Price: $35.00
Nursing, Working and Pumping

Planning on breastfeeding when you go back to work? Trying to figure out how to pump, store milk, and feed your baby all at the same time? Learn all you need about making it happen. We’ll spend the first hour discussing:

  • breast pumps
  • storing breastmilk
  • giving baby a bottle
  • talking to your daycare provider about breastfeeding
  • keeping the breastfeeding relationship strong

We’ll spend the second hour with one-on-one sessions teaching you how to use your specific pump. Register below for the nursing, working, and pumping class.

Next Class TBA

Registration is required. Please register above, or contact us directly. Looking for a birth class in Wilmington? Click here.

Breastfeeding classes are taught by IBCLC and La Leche League Leader Mary Callaghan. About Mary:

Mary Callaghan Lactation Consultant Wilmington I started off my journey in motherhood at a relatively young age, 21. I knew nothing about childbirth or breastfeeding and really only committed to breastfeeding beacuse others told me I could not. It was rough going in the beginning, but something changed my life. The experience of breastfeeding my son led to interest and gaining more knowledge. I jumped into my new passion with both feet! I became a La Leche League leader when my son was 14 months old because I wanted to help moms the way other moms had helped me. The longer I got to work with moms and babies the more my passion grew. I now work as a private practice lactation consultant in Wilmington NC as well as a licensed in-home child care provider specializing in care for breastfed and cloth-diapered babies. I look forward to being able to help as many moms as I can achieve their breastfeeding goals!

Need breastfeeding support?

Tmuffin offers lactation consulting through Milky Cheeks Lactation Consulting and Mary Callaghan, IBCLC. Schedule a private, in-home visit with Mary by calling her at (60)9481-7015. Rates and info

Fees begin at $85 for an in-home consultation.


Newborn Care Workshops

Tmuffin’s Newborn Care Workshops in Wilmington NC begin where your birth and breastfeeding classes left off. In our newborn care class, we cover:

  • Baby’s first bath and infant bathing/personal care questions
  • Diapering, including cloth and disposable diapers. (We talk about baby poop!)
  • Diaper rash – what to do about it?
  • Baby blues/postpartum depression
  • Swaddling
  • Babywearing
  • Calming and soothing a baby
  • Sleep questions
  • Health and safety issues with an infant
  • Life after baby–how to cope

Rates and infoTuesday, Sept. 16 5:30-8:30PM

Price: $75.00