Our mission:

Tmuffin helps parents and kids connect. We offer a unique playspace, products, and classes that focus on birth, babywearing, play and parenting.  We provide a community-centered space where parents and children can gather to engage, learn, and connect.

Our philosophy:

Our philosophy is that parents should do what comes naturally.

  • It’s natural to want your birth to be perfect but be apprehensive about labor and delivery. Tmuffin gives you the information to make the right decisions for you.
  • It’s natural to want to hold your baby all of the time but still want to get things done for yourself. Tmuffin offers baby carriers and classes that let you do both.
  • It’s natural to want to be creative with your child but long for a few moments of “me time.” Tmuffin gives you the tools to offer your child engaging activities that can be done together or alone.
  • It’s natural to be nervous about parenthood and wonder if you’re doing the right thing. Tmuffin offers an honest, supportive environment where you can really figure out what works for you and your family.

 Who You’ll Find Hanging out at Tmuffin:

Gaby Merediz is the owner and mom behind Tmuffin. She is an artist, writer, and Lamaze-certified childbirth instructor. Having children gave her the inspiration to create a place where parents can connect–not only with their kids, but with other parents. Gaby is also a professional artist and has worked as a portrait and mural painter for more than a decade. Gaby designed the logos for the non-profit groups Women in the Center and the Port City Breastfeeding Bag Project, and she brings her Pinterest-y, DIY style inside the walls of Tmuffin. In her art as well as in her life, she has always focused on bringing women together. She knows that it takes a village to raise a child, and she is passionate about creating that village.
Courtney Matheson Courtney Matheson is a childcare supervisor and team member at Tmuffin. She is a New York transplant who has lived in beautiful Wilmington NC for almost 10 years. She loves spending time at the beach, either walking, swimming or just hanging with her family. An avid gardener (it’s therapeutic), Courtney is the project manager of the Brooklyn Arts Community Garden. Before she spent her days chasing after her son, she enjoyed competitive running. That’s probably to burn off the calories from her amazing cooking–she has spent the majority of her time in Wilmington as a chef and enjoys teaching others to cook. She is a mother to her beautiful son, Hendrix and a wife to her amazing husband Greg, who is also the best team mate she could ever ask for in life!
Anne Perugini is one of the teachers of Tmuffin’s Creative Preschooler Program. After graduating from Hunter College in NY with a major in art education and child psychology, Anne taught preschool for almost 20 years. She has attended workshops in early childhood development, behavior modification, special needs issues, and sign language at a preschool level. Anne has always had a passion for working with children. Helping them learn, watching them reach each milestone, developing a love for and positive first experience with school. They give even more to her than she gives to them. She truly believes that children are treasures and they are our future.


Our mission: