Car Activities and Train Activities for Kids

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Last week’s theme at Tmuffin was “Things that go Vroom.” The kids were racing cars around, driving our cardboard train, and having all kinds of fast fun. In case you forgot to grab a free project sheet or missed one of our activity classes, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled some of our inspiration for this week’s theme below.

Sensory Table:

DIY parking garage

Just through the entrance gate is our ever-changing sensory table. This week, we created a DIY parking garage using cardboard boxes and duct tape. We hot glued it all together, and it was a great little playcenter, with ramps, walls, bridges, and tunnels. This is the reason you pay us to come here instead of doing it yourself, though, folks: This parking garage took about 3 hours to put together. (I always get a little annoyed at the supercute things I find on Pinterest that the blogger seemed to just throw together. You know these moms are slaving away all night after the kids go to bed).

My boys love playing with cars, but I prefer My Little Ponies and Barbies. So sometimes I have to dig deep to keep it fresh. I wrote up a fun little inspiration sheet for you to take home or print out that includes ways to connect with your kid while playing with cars. Scroll down for the free printable, or come into Tmuffin on Saturday to pick one up.

Car and Train Crafts:

Traffic light craft At Tuesday’s Once Upon a Paintbrush class, we made traffic lights. We were inspired by this Color Matching Activity at No Time for Flash Cards, and it was a great way to give kids some practice with glue and recognizing colors. Here’s how we did the project: We pre-stamped white paper with red, yellow, and green circles using plastic cups dipped in tempera paint. (Simply pour the paint onto a shallow plate, dip the open end of a plastic cup in the paint, and stamp onto the paper). The trick to getting young toddlers to use glue without creating giant sticky puddles was to clip a sponge in a clothespin–the kids used that to dab the glue on, then placed the colored paper (pre-torn) on top. Get the full instructions for this Traffic Light Craft here.
C is for car craft On our activity table in the playspace, we had a “C is for Car” activity that parents could make with their kids, inspired by this post at No Time for Flash Cards. We had pre-cut the large and small letter “C’s” and the yellow rectangles. Kids could glue and paste to their hearts’ content. This was a great exercise for practicing fine motor skills with the glue sticks and small pieces of paper, and for teaching parallel and perpendicular. We have included our instruction sheet for this craft below, with tips on how to do the activity with your child.

Free Printables:

Feel free to print out these instructions for car activities for kids, and stop by Tmuffin to take part in next week’s theme and get some new project sheets to take home with you.




Check out our Cars, Planes and Trains Pinterest board for more inspiration.

Vehicle pinterest board


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