Babywearing Classes

Giving babies nurturing touch helps them thrive. It helps regulate their temperature, breathing, and sleep/wake patterns, helps them grow, helps them move, and helps them cry less. You could hold your baby all day long, but your arms would get tired. Give your baby the secure feeling of being in the womb while you make it easier on your back and give your baby an accessible view of the world.

Babywearing Meetup Group

We’re available at Tmuffin by appointment to help you figure out how to use a wrap, sling, or carrier, but you can learn a lot more at our monthly babywearing meetup group!

Click here to join the meetup group!

Babywearing Rentals

Certain types of membership allow for free baby carrier rentals. Members who qualify may rent each baby carrier for up to one week. Each carrier may be rented once during the life of the member. We currently have 7 carriers in our library and are adding to it every month!