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The journey begins with birth

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Birth 102 Lamaze Classes

We believe you are the expert of your own body, so you’ve already passed Birth 101. Birth 102 is a 2-day intensive workshop taught by Gaby Merediz, LCCE, during which you’ll prepare for your upcoming birth.

In Tmuffin’s Birth 102 Lamaze-style classes, you and your partner will learn about:

  • How to build your confidence for an empowered birth
  • Signs of early labor and ideas to get through this stage
  • The stages and phases of labor
  • Ideas for optimal positioning and techniques for managing pain
  • How your labor support partner can help you with pain management
  • How the body’s natural mechanisms guide the birth process
  • How the body’s natural mechanisms are affected by medical interventions
  • Pros and cons of the epidural
  • Questions to ask your health care provider
  • How to write a birth plan and why you need one
  • Newborn choices and tests
  • The importance of keeping mom and baby together after birth.

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Dec 7 & 14  (Sundays)1:00-4:30 PM

Price: $165.00
Feb 3, & 10 (Tuesdays)5:30-9 PM

Price: $165.00
Apr 2 &(Thursdays)5:30-9 PM

Price: $165.00