Double Hammock Back Carry Wrap Tutorial Video

Posted by on Jul 10, 2012 in Babywearing | 2 comments

If you have two kids, it’s practically mandatory that you wear one on your back. Even with only one child, getting baby into a back carry helps spread baby’s weight and is much more comfortable as your baby gets heavier. When I had Little M, I had to carry him on my back early on, because Baby T just doesn’t stop moving. It wasn’t safe to use my Ergo on my back until Little M was really able to support his head, so I wore him in a wrap.

There are lots of different ways to wear your baby on your back in a wrap. I found the double hammock back carry wrap to be:

  • the most comfortable
  • the most forgiving (it’s still tight and supportive enough even if you aren’t meticulous about tightening)
  • the most supportive of a young baby’s head

It’s hard to find the best double hammock back carry tutorial online, and I’m adding to the mix to give another point of view to those trying to figure it all out. Scroll below the video for tips on safely wrapping your baby on your back.


Here are some tips for getting your baby on your back in a wrap:

  • practice, practice, practice
  • practice in front of a mirror
  • practice with a spotter
  • practice while kneeling on a bed or soft surface
  • don’t do this alone until you’re completely comfortable with it
  • until you’re positive that the wrap is tight enough on the bottom to keep baby from falling through and tight enough on top to keep baby from bucking out, don’t take your hand off your baby.
  • if you want to be successful, don’t practice this while your child is as cranky as mine.


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  1. Kim of Mo'Betta

    Awesome! Wish I had this years ago…but sometimes I’d love to strap my 4 y/o to my back to keep him from trying to run full speed down the aisles of the grocery store!

    • Gaby

      Ha! Yes! This is why I wrap that cranky little toddler most of the time. Otherwise he would be in every street, up and down every aisle, and probably in and out of our neighbors’ houses. Depending on the baby carrier, you can wear kids until they are 35-45 pounds. I hope Little M never outgrows it!

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