Fall Crafts for Kids: Autumn Trees

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Parents can take advantage of the change in the seasons to renew their repertoire of crafts for kids. Kids get bored of the same old thing day in and day out, so take the time to purge your garage or closet of the stuff your kids just aren’t interested in anymore. If you store your crafts for kids in boxes categorized by craft, go through them and think about what supplies you can repurpose into a new craft.

As you know, I’m big on creating projects that kids can do by themselves, but I also like to give parents new and creative ways to connect with their kids. Making a fabric tree is one of my favorite fall crafts for kids. There is a lot of opportunity for open-ended imagination to blossom, and there are lots of ways that parents can encourage their kids to explore, learn, and grow a little.

Explore nature

To begin your project, you’ll need to take a nature walk with your child. You can do this in your neighborhood, on a local hiking trail, or even just in your backyard. Collect branches or sticks that have fallen to the ground. The best sticks for this project have a lot of little offshoots.

Talk about what your child sees:

  • Are there leaves on the ground?
  • What happens to them as they decompose?
  • Why have some sticks fallen but others remain on the trees?

Tips for parents:

  • This is a good opportunity to talk about the change in the seasons.

Make some leaves

Once home, start cutting out your leaf shapes. You can use a variety of materials for your leaves:

  • old magazines
  • construction paper
  • kids’ drawings
  • tissue paper
  • fabric scraps (repurposed from old clothes, sweaters, scarves, etc)

Tips for parents:

  • collect leaves of different shapes to trace when you get home.

“Grow” a tree

This tree grows very fast. “Plant” the stick in a small pot filled with rocks or soil from your garden. You can use a heavy glass or even a mason jar if you don’t have a flower pot. If you cut a small hole in the center of each leaf, kids can thread them onto the branch wherever they find a perfect spot.

Tips for parents:

  • Talk about why leaves change colors and fall off the trees in the autumn.

To make our leaves, I first sewed a layer of flannel to a layer of fleece fabric. I sewed in shapes of leaves and then cut around the edges of the stitches. I can’t help but get a little fancy sometimes, but now we can reuse the leaves to make garlands or to make new trees every fall.

Fall crafts for kids - fabric tree

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