Grouping Projects for Kids – How to Store Art Supplies

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Last week, I posted about storing kids art supplies by project instead of by category. So instead of storing similar items together, you store together everything you need for one arts and crafts project for your child. I like to use plastic shoe boxes, because a lot of the projects for kids we do use water, and that way I can use the tub for water and don’t have to look for another container. My project kits and activity hour toolboxes are completely self contained.

If you’re still scratching your head trying to figure out exactly what you would combine to make a project box, watch your child play. Some kids like to pour small items from container to container. Others like to make big strokes with a paintbrush. Others just like to uncap the markers and put the caps back on. Watching your child play will give you ideas for items you can pull together to make your own projects for kids.

One of Baby T’s favorite activities is painting his toys. So one of our project boxes involves toy painting. Another project involves mixing baking soda with vinegar and watching it bubble up. It’s convenient to keep this all together so I don’t have to dig around in kitchen cabinets for all of the appropriate supplies when he wants to play. Another one of our favorite projects for kids is the Gone Fishing project, which goes along with one of the Activity Hour themes we offer at Tmuffin.

Here are some examples of our favorite projects for kids.

Gone Fishing Activity Hour Tool Kit

Gone Fishing activity box
  • Foam Fish
  • Pencil fishing rods with lacing cord lines and paper clip hooks
  • Salt glitter
  • Natural puffy paint

Baking Soda and Vinegar Project

Baking soda and vinegar activity box
  • Empty shaker bottle
  • Bottle of vinegar
  • Tub of baking soda
  • Scooper
  • Eye dropper

Painting Toys Activity Box

Painting Toys activity box

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