Grow Flowers from Paper – You might find a pot of gold!

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At last Friday’s Play Cafe, our newest instructor, Laurel, brought the magic of little leprechauns to Tmuffin. The kids left with smiles on their faces and something cooler than a pot of gold – gold “coins” that they can plant. Wherever the coins are planted, a sea of marigolds will sprout!

This is an easy project that can be so much more than a St. Patrick’s Day craft, and lots of moms wanted to know how to make their own plantable paper, so we’re sharing!

plantable gold coins

Here’s what you need:

  • bits of paper (any kind and color – paper from your shredder, tissue paper, old napkins, newspaper, looseleaf paper, construction paper, etc…..)
  • water
  • additions (optional): glitter, yarn, sequins

Here’s how you make plantable paper:

  1. Tear up the paper into small pieces, about 1″ square or smaller. (Kids love this step. Even if they don’t love tearing up the paper, give them the little bits and a variety of bowls and cups to play with. You’ll be amazed at how busy it keeps them).
  2. Put all the scraps in a big bowl or pot, add warm water, and soak overnight overnight.
  3. The next day, the paper pulp will be ready. Mix in lots of small flower seeds (we used marigolds). Add any yarn or sequins if you’re using them, shake in a bunch of glitter, and get ready to get messy!
  4. ┬áIf you’re making large shapes, just scoop out a handful of the pulp, squeeze out the water, and shape your paper. We shaped gold “coins” with our hands, squeezing out the water and pressing the “coins” flat as we went.
  5. Let the coins dry in the sun. When you’re ready to plant them, go out in the garden, stick them under a very thin layer of soil, water, and wait for your pot of gold (en flowers) to appear!

And now for some twists:

  • Press the paper pulp into cookie cutters on wax paper to make different shapes. This is great for a themed birthday party.
  • Make smaller discs and glue onto strips of paper towel for biodegradable planting strips, ensuring all your vegetable rows come out even this year.
  • Glue onto a handmade card for a plantable, homemade Mother’s Day gift.
  • You can actually make paper with this stuff too! Before adding seeds, blend the pulp in the blender (add a few handfuls at a time). Transfer to a large bowls and mix in the seeds. Grab an old window screen and lay it over a tub (to catch the drips). Put a few handfuls of the paper pulp onto a screen and press and spread it until it’s relatively flat and thin. After it dries, you can peel off the sheet of paper!

grow flowers from paper

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