Homemade Watercolors for Kids

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My kids like to paint, but ever since Little M was able to get into Baby T’s paints, we’ve dealt with quite a few paint bottle “accidents.” You know–the kind where your curtains end up with green paint splatters, the dog ends up with a purple nose, and blue footprints are tracked around the house. We needed a cleaner way to give my kids access to paints for their projects.

Because I buy my art supplies in bulk, I have big bottles of washable tempera paint on hand. I have a lot of colors, but you really only need red, yellow, and blue to mix your own secondary colors.

To make homemade watercolors for kids, I just squirt a little bit of washable tempera paint into the different cups in an egg carton. These have to dry, which can take up to a week depending on the humidity and heat where you live, but once they dry, they make hard little paint palettes that come to life with water.

After the paint is dry, cut the egg cartons into smaller palettes, and you have individual, travel-friendly, disposable homemade watercolors for kids.

Baby T likes to use these to paint his toys. It’s the perfect project to bring to a park or a restaurant!

Homemade watercolor paint palettes

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