Easter Baskets: Kids Activity Book Ideas

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As I was cleaning up my kids’ art supplies the other day, I had a genius idea. Amidst the drawer jammed with wrinkled paper, half-opened markers, stickers and sticker books, tangled shoe laces, and other seemingly useless but nevertheless saved materials was a lightbulb.

Metaphorically speaking, that is… I would never leave a glass object near my crazy kids. Just permanent markers, glue, perfectly safe stuff that can only destroy the house.

Anyway, I began to put some of the activities in plastic zipper bags. Here, the idea took on a life of its own. The plastic zipper bags got hole punched. They were inserted into binders. Then I broke out the sheet protectors from the deep, dark, office closet. They were filled with pages from the sticker books and letter-tracing worksheets. And so was born my kids activity book.

All of the seemingly random activities that were cluttering up the art drawer became neatly organized activities that I could pull out for the kids one at a time. The plastic zipper bags held together clunkier materials. The plastic sheet protectors serve as dry-erase boards for the worksheets inside. I’m seeing unlimited possibilities for this type of organization! We could grab these when we go on a trip, to a restaurant, or even just in the car. The kids can pick one activity they’d like to do each day instead of rifling through a drawer crammed with random supplies.

In fact, I’m so excited about this that the Easter Bunny is going to join me in my excitement and give each of my kids their own activity binders for Easter. So now I have 5 days to come up with and implement some ideas.

This is what I have so far, and I’m thinking of adding some mazes in sheet protectors for Baby T, who just discovered and loves them.

Sticker book activity binder

Sticker book pages with the appropriate stickers inserted inside a page protector

letter tracing sheets

Letter tracing worksheets inside plastic page protectors (to use with a dry erase marker)

sandpaper drawing

Sandpaper and oil pastels for a unique sensory drawing experience

Color Wonder set

Color Wonder coloring book and markers

The thing is, this is stuff the kids already had. The Easter Bunny needs to get creative. Let’s share some kids activity book ideas: What activities would you include in an activity binder? (Think relatively flat, possibly printable, busy-bag type of activities).

Share your own genius creativity in the comments by describing or linking to an activity that you’d be excited about using in your own activity binder.

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