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World Breastfeeding Week 2012

Celebrate World Breastfeeding Week 2012!


Breastfeeding boobie beanies are becoming incredibly popular these days. Why? Well, maybe it’s a way to thumb our noses at Facebook, which has banned photos of breastfeeding mothers, even though they allow photos of scantily bikini-clad women. Maybe it’s a sign that we’re more popular nursing in public–instead of covering our babies with blankets or nursing covers, we’re showing the world that we love to nurture our babies in this way. Maybe it’s just because they’re adorable and kind of hilarious.

When we nurse in public, we moms aren’t flaunting our boobs. We’re not trying to show skin. We’re not trying to make anyone uncomfortable. We’re trying to feed and comfort our babies. Admittedly, I’m one of those moms who “whips them out” whenever my son gets fussy. By that, I mean that I gingerly pull up my shirt, revealing–GASP–another shirt underneath. I pull that shirt down just enough to expose my nipple, which my son is hungrily diving for, covering it with his head and mouth.

I usually don’t stop what I’m doing to nurse in public. I just do it. And if I’m chatting with someone, if I’m in a store, or if I’m in an otherwise busy place, no one really bats an eye. But maybe another mom will see me just going about my day and feeding my baby. Maybe another mom will see how easy and comfortable it is to nurse a baby. The more of us who nurse in public, the more our culture will accept breastfeeding as the norm.

So why draw attention to it with a boobie beanie? Well, to get people to notice. And because it’s adorable and hilarious.

Most of the breastfeeding boobie beanies sold online are crocheted or knitted from yarn, which can get hot in the warm NC climate.

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week 2012, you can now get soft, comfy boobie beanies that are perfect for babies to wear year round. My boobie beanies are handmade from upcycled T-shirts. They are super-soft, stretchy, and made with lots and lots of love.

Each one is unique, just like all of us moms and our babies. Click here to check them out.


Breastfeeding boobie beanie breastfeeding hat

And this is what the boobie beanie looks like on a cranky three-year-old:


Toddler boobie beanie

Toddler boobie beanie


celebrate world breastfeeding week on npn

I’m celebrating World Breastfeeding Week with Natural Parents Network!

You can, too — link up your breastfeeding posts from August 1-7 in the linky below, and enjoy reading, commenting on, and sharing the posts collected here and on Natural Parents Network.

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  1. Wow

    I bet your 3 year old will love that picture when he’s older.

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