Smartphone Lego Puzzles

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If your kiddo is a self-proclaimed “Lego dude”  like mine, chances are your house is consumed with this tiny, colorful, creative yet maddening invention. My boys can spend hours on end putting together Legos. If you’re anything like me, you cringe when you hear the dreaded “Mo-om! Can you make me a ____________?” (Fill in the blank: batmobile, forest police station, space ship, super gunner fire engine, alien egg motorboat sword fighter, etc.)

There. I said it. I do not really enjoy playing with Legos.

So last Sunday, we were all hanging out with Legos all over the floor, and I was zoning out while watching my 3 kids (yup, my husband is one of them) play. The boys ask me to play with them, but that means either building something insanely complex and confusing or just sitting there watching their Lego men wrestle.

I wanted to get involved.

So I came up with a smartphone Lego puzzle game.

I explained the rules to Baby T:

1. One person would put together a small lego creation.

2. The person who created it would snap a photo with the iPhone, then break apart the creation and put just those legos in a tray.

3. The other person would have to recreate the creation from the photo.

smartphone lego puzzles


This was a great game to play with a 4 year old. From a developmental perspective, it helped him:

  • build fine motor skills;
  • work on his focus; and
  • practice spacial recognition.

Smartphone lego puzzles

From a parenting perspective, it gave him a chance to:

  • use the iPhone he always begs to use (i.e. have some control and responsibility)
  • get my undivided attention
  • challenge himself and be proud of himself when he completed the puzzle.

I can’t wait to take this one step further and create a Lego Puzzle book for him for Christmas. It will contain some of the creations from last Sunday, and I’ll make some more for him to put together.

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