Tissue Paper Crafts – A Rainbow of Simple

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I’m no Martha Stewart. In fact, I’m a bit of a renegade. I love all things crafty and creative, but she’s a little too much of a neat freak, and she focuses a little too much on the results. Maybe it’s because I’m so not a neat freak and I revel in the process much more than in the final product. Pinterest is similar for me. When I click onto my Pinterest home page, the first thoughts that come to my mind are often, “Seriously?” and “When does this womansleep?” and “What kid stays still for that long?”

So if I can do a project with my kids, organize arts and crafts products, and decorate my house in 5 minutes, I’ll do it.

And I did.

Baby T really enjoys separating his tissue paper squares by color. I gave him mason jars, scissors, and tissue paper, and he went to town. Then I displayed the mason jars on my window sill. The light dances through the translucent but color-saturated tissue paper, and we have tissue paper squares at the ready for one of our next tissue paper crafts.

For more tissue paper fun, be sure to join us for the aptly named Tissue Paper Fun Activity Hour this Thursday at 10 AM.

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